Craig Stengel Administrator Craig works hard to provide support to staff,  students and parents. He always has a positive outlook and shows his passion for education. He not only makes a difference at Inca, but also with the district sports and district emergency response team. Craig comes in everyday with his positive outlook and go get them attitude.  He is not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and digging in on any task we face.  Not only is he effective at his job of assistant principal, but also does outstanding work with the district athletics. His we can do this approach inspires others.  He has a smile on his face and offers help no matter the task.  He builds relationships with staff and students that help them become more successful. He is all in with helping Inca continue to be a great place to learn and grow. Craig has jumped in with Google.  He creates forms for the staff to use that helps to increase productivity and effectiveness. Craig works closely with me to problem solve, create plans and support each other in continuing to improve Inca. Knowledgeable, Supportive, and Passionate


Cheryl Burt Central Office “Cheryl is a new employee of the Buckeye Elementary School District, but since arriving in July she has hit the ground running. She helped the finance team get caught up on approving FY 2018-19 requisitions while also ensuring they met important procurement standards. In addition, over the past couple of months she has managed the RFP process for procuring the services of a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) and an Architect for the construction of the District’s new school including the coordination of the evaluation of vendor solicitations and interviews. Cheryl is as an exemplary representative of the Finance team and the Buckeye Elementary School District.” Cheryl is extremely effective at performing her job. She is an expert in her field and is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise with the rest of the finance team as well as other staff. She takes pride in ensuring that purchase requisitions make their way through the approval queue as quickly as possible, and her customer service is always top-notch. “Cheryl is always willing to be a resource both to members of her team and to other District staff. She has quickly established herself as a trusted resource that the rest of the finance team can come to for help. She is quick to provide customer service and assistance to District staff in any way that she can. On a number of occasions we have received unsolicited feedback from other staff   (both at the school sites and at the central office) praising her work product and customer service. She is also an advocate for public education, and since joining the central office she has immersed herself in the Buckeye community by volunteering in the community in support of the District. ” Cheryl is always looking for ways that the Finance team can work more productively and efficiently. She keeps a constant eye on requisitions making their way through the approval queue and stays on top of them so they can be approved quickly. She is always looking for ways to improve the purchasing process including improving the process for ordering supplies via Amazon and Wist. Expert, Efficient, and Enthusiastic


Karla Avita Zarate Bales Karla is shy, and would never expect to receive an award. She does her job and does it extremely well because that is the type of person that she is. She has a positive attitude and truly loves this school, staff, and students. She will continue to be loyal and dedicated regardless of whether she is awarded EOM or not. We are very fortunate to have her. Her dedication to her job. She takes pride in everything she does and is asked to do. Although, she is primarily assigned to work with one particular student for 3/4 of the day, she helps all students in need while in the general education classroom. The other part of her day is spent working with middle school in the resource room. She has been able to establish relationships with those students as well. She personally goes out of her way to help them, by making things creative and fun while they are learning. Most importantly she shows these kids that she cares about them. Students from her previous class, ask about her and want her to visitt, which she does. Karla is one of the most caring and loving adults I have worked with. One of her responsibilities is to provide daily support to a student that is Autistic. This 3rd grade child can be quite challenging at times when he chooses to do something other than what has been scheduled for him. Karla is able to calm him, redirect him, and keep him safe. This student can be strong willed and she has the patience to be as flexible as the situation may call for. Her ability to provide students with the support that they need and not lose focus or determination for expecting the best from our students is very admirable. The staff at Bales loves her because she is always very positive and has a sweet and loving demeanor towards all students. She has been able to get this student to comply to situations that were too difficult for him in the past. She helps other students without being asked and takes the initiative to offer support to any of the students in the classroom and help the teacher when needed. Dedicated, Reliable, and Caring

Christina Webb Buckeye She is so kind to all students, she will go out of her way to make sure all students are comforted and feel safe at school. She is a paraprofessional with super powers she helps her students go above and beyond what their goals are and pushes them to be the best they can be. She sees students for what they are capable of doing not what they are incapable of doing. She will make sure that her students have the tools for success, she will make resources for her students to take home to help with their skills and needs without a hesitation she is there to help. She will see that a student is capable of doing a certain job and will make sure that they do it every time from the moment she notices that they are able to do it. She pushes them to succeed and goes above and beyond in celebrating the small victories with her students.   She inspires me to show more love to my students and remember that the smallest things really do make a big impact. She is very goal driven and will make sure to meet those goals then help to set new ones. She is also very vocal and makes sure to let the students teachers know what is happening during her group time and what advances the students are making and what they will need for extra support. Kind, Compassionate, and Loved

Cretia Iwinski Inca Cretia carries a tremendous amount of responsibility and she does it with such flawless execution that I don’t believe most of us are even aware of just how much of what we are able to accomplish each day is credited to her management skills. Cretia is willing to be where she is needed, when she is needed and to do whatever is needed by staff, student or administration. She is often here hours beyond her required work time. Recently, and at a time when so many of us would have taken several days off from work, Cretia returned to work and continued on like a trooper. I could not have done it!! Her dedication to Inca Admin, Staff and students is above and beyond most and demonstrates an outstanding work ethic, pride in her position and high standard in what she expects of herself as an Inca Admin Asst. Cretia is consistently looking for ways to improve the procedures to ensure a smooth work flow and to accommodate needs of the staff and students. She is an admin asst, purchaser, counselor, babysitter, disciplinarian …. I could go on and on! I have watched Cretia handle several duties at the same time as she has moved past me like The Flash because the office staff was short a member and things needed to get done! Her dedication, knowledge and abilities never cease to amaze me and I have a very high level of professional respect for Cretia. Devoted, Multi-Talented, and Dependable


Carrie Murry Jasinski The care and passion she as for her students shows thru the work she dose daily. She is the sped teacher for 4th -8th grade but if any student, sped or not, grade she works with or not, needs something she is always one of the first people to step up and help with them. She helps to make sure the teachers and staff have the things they need to deal with students that might need a little extra help.    She is very effective in her job and any other need of our school. She is the sponsor for the Equity club and I have seen her help the administration out too many times to count. She is one of the most encouraging people at Jasinski. Not just to her peers but also to parents and students. Understanding there is always a reason someone, student or peer, is having a hard day or week and is there to help to figure out what she can do. She is always coming up with ways to help improve the Sped Classes. She might be changing times that students come in so it works better for students and teachers. She helps to make sure that the paras that work on our campus are in the best place at the right time to support students as needed. Passionate, Understanding, and Hard-Working

Linda Alvarez Marionneaux Linda is very dedicated to our students. She goes above and beyond trying to reach out to  parents to attend meetings and ensures that there is follow up when needed. Linda reaches out to teachers and coach to ensure that interventions are in place and that students are getting the support they need. She also builds meaningful relationships with students and parents alike. Linda goes above expectations with her role. She is actively involved in getting to know students beyond the information that is shared with her. Linda has established special bonds among several students in one year. They absolutely  love her! Linda stays late and is early when needed and never complains about all the work that she has to do. Linda inspires students by getting to know them personally and truly caring about their situations. Linda inspires staff because she is thoughtful, dedicated, and supportive to our students even though she is not in the classroom with them. Linda inspires people because her passion for helping others is highlighted through her character!   Linda supports our school by being a main influence on our PBIS team. She is our school psychologist and extends her availability and support beyond her job description. Linda is a loving resource for many students who struggle emotionally and/or socially. She is an insightful resource for staff as well! Supportive, Loyal, and Thoughtful


Chachy Richardson Preschool I highly recommend Chachy Richardson for employee of the month because she is eager to help, eager to learn and is very driven. “Mrs. Richardson recently changed classrooms. She left her very organized classroom that had solid routines to fill a classroom teacher position that had been maintained primarily by substitutes. To be quite frank, she willingly took on a very difficult class and left a class that would’ve been easier to manage. Mrs. Richardson is a true teacher leader as she has superb classroom management, a positive attitude and contributes to the staff both professionally and socially. Mrs. Richardson also has great rapport with everyone she meets. She builds positive relationships with the parents of her students and she also connects with her students in such a way that they are willing to do things they know will please her. ” Mrs. Richardson is very reliable. She arrives to work at 6:45 a.m. and serves as the opening classroom teacher for students who come to preschool at 7:00. Everyone depends on her to be prompt and she never disappoints. Instead, we are insured that all students and parents who arrive early are greeted with a happy tone and a pleasant smile.  Mrs. Richardson also accomplishes tasks in a timely manner and meets the many deadlines that teachers face. This is noteworthy because she has active teenagers that she is very involved with and she also goes to night classes to complete her goal of receiving her Special Education certification. Mrs. Richardson is very proactive and always thinking of her students needs and how she can fulfill them. She is one of those teachers that is you hope all students could have. Mrs. Richardson is always willing to take initiative and often leads, creates or organizes the many activities that preschool has. For instance, in the beginning of the year she volunteered to map the themes with the weeks that all our teachers use for the entire year.  She was also instrumental in creating a staff schedule pertaining to opening staff, closing staff and bus runs. For a first year Coordinator, Mrs Richardson is someone that I have come to rely on and am thankful for. I am in awe that she is getting her Special Education Certification even though I know we will lose her at the preschool, I will highly recommend her for one of our elementary schools. Dependable, Positive, and Admirable

Heather Orozco Sundance Heather is an exceedingly loyal and committed employee! She is devoted to making the schools at which she works better places to be. She takes the time outside of contracted hours to read educational research to find out how she can support teachers in bringing best practices into the classroom. Heather also dedicates herself to knowing the teachers she is mentoring well enough to support them with personal attention by meeting with them during lunch and even outside of contracted hours. She is so loyal to the people she serves, making sure to provide support and assistance whenever needed. Heather is incredibly effective at her job, and she goes above and beyond constantly. Through caring relationships developed with the staff, Heather encourages teachers to become the best they can be, and she shows them how in a patient and professional manner. To go beyond, she reads up on educational research and brings this to her coaching meetings to help teachers find strategies that work for them and their students. Heather attends school functions even when they are not mandatory for her, giving back to her school and community, and she balances her coaching position with an athletic director position. She also presents at various academic conferences (both when asked and of her own accord) such as the ASU STEM camp, and she finds opportunities to further Sundance’s STEM vision, using her own connections and time. Heather is an inspiration because she truly believes teachers and students can make improvements in teaching and learning, and she makes this expectation clear in a kind and professional way. She inspires me to be a better educator when she shares the ideas she has for improving my instruction and my students’ learning! Heather inspires kids to be better too, by setting a positive example of what a successful science educator can be and do. She sets high expectations for all, encouraging them to meet these expectations through hard work and trial/error! Heather has truly increased productivity by many teachers on her school sites. She meets with them and focuses on making data-driven decisions. She encourages them to work in smarter ways so that they do not lose valuable time, and she models what this looks like to the highest extent possible. Heather also makes sure that students are the driving force behind her work, and she strengthens student understanding by working with teachers to improve teaching in the classroom! Committed, Diligent, and Passionate


Kelly Evans WestPark Kelly is always willing to go above and beyond for her students. When kids are struggling with concepts she seeks out other resources to help them understand. She is always willing to help other teachers as well. She has consistently been on PTA and many other committees. I have seen Kelly endure a lot. She is always kind and caring to not just her students, but all the kids in the school. She has a stern tone, but the kids love her and she loves them. She is always looking for ways to help our grade level improve our students understanding of  concepts. She has a vast knowledge of our standards and that has served our team well. She has worked hard for Gifted services and has a lot of understanding for students in that category. Before Kelly began working here, she initiated curriculum night because she believes in parent involvement. She took it on organizing it and prepping for many of the centers. over the years, as curriculum night has evolved and changed she has continued to be involved is some capacity. Kind, Tireless, and Relentless