November Winners

Brittany Tarango, Administrator (Bales)

She has gone out of her way to support the staff and create a united front. She has made changes to make both parents and students feel welcome at the school. She is creating an environment where learning is safe and attainable.
She is friendly, supportive and giving. She handles her administrative jobs and yet still finds time to touch base with both teachers and students as she walks through the school. She listens to ideas and treats others as equals, making them feel valued and important.
Brittany challenges all of the teachers to model their expectations to their students. She models a positive friendly attitude to all people she deals with. She models teamwork and encouraging with the staff in the office and with teachers.
Mrs. Tarrango has created a warm, inviting school atmosphere that communicates that we are passionate about student success. She sets attainable goals and timelines and encourages both students and teachers to do and be their best. Her smile has endeared her to my students.
Three words: Compassionate, Encouraging, and Determined




Errika Celsy, Central Office

“Errika has been the front person for the introduction of staff laptops – which means she took the brunt of questions about the technological workings of a piece of technology that didn’t automatically respond to the demands of a myriad of individuals (who possess a diverse range of technological skills).
She introduced Google classrooms to teachers (who we know make the worst students because we assume to know more than we truly do and listen to directions with only one ear because we are steps ahead) a program that is great but takes a bit of patience to learn,”
“Errika has shown extreme patience in introducing Classrooms to teachers- for there continues to arise the not readily answered questions and she is diligent about unearthing the answers. Errika answers the question that was just asked and answered but lack of attention by the staff member doesn’t comprehend that. She works to make the process simpler for all by troubleshooting throughout the program.”
“Errika demonstrates effective practices in introducing new subject matter – uses humor; knows her material; is willing to say she doesn’t know something but will find the answer.
Errika consistently strives to develop a program that is beneficial to staff, students and families.”
Errika, while a part of a larger group, is the go to person for new technology programs. She is the individual who is confronted with the glitch questions, the what about and what if questions and the attitudes of frustrated staff —- and she shows the benefits that are possible if we are patient.
Three words: Optimistic, Positive, and Cheery




Erica Boettcher, Bales

Erica goes ABOVE and beyond for us as teachers. She has stayed after-school on more than one occasion, to support and be there for us as teachers. Whenever you reach out to Erica, she always makes herself very accessible.
Erica will sit down with us whenever she can, and work with us one-on-one, to make sure that we know what’s going on–or she’ll show us how to do something. Erica has been countless hours IN OUR classrooms. This is most definitely the best, and most effective thing that she does for us.
Erica makes her presence known to the kids, and builds relationships with them–even though she’s not here all of the time. The kids really have gotten to know her, and therefore work hard for her whenever she comes into the classroom, or pulls them out for testing.
Erica reaches out to us a lot using both email and in-person visits, meetings, and conversations. Erica has dove deeper into the reading curriculum at our school, and has really pulled-out the best methods and programs that will work best for OUR student’s needs. She has pulled apart student data, and has gone as far as going through EVERY student’s file–to get background data and information on them. This has helped her to better reach our student’s at where they are.
Three words: Dedicated, Personable, and Diligent







Robin Ledezma, Buckeye

As a Special Education para, Robin strives to make her resource classes fun for her students! She makes sure she is meeting their needs and goals, while doing fun activities and assignments that keep the students engaged in learning. She is someone I can trust and go to for advice and ideas with my own students.
Robin makes really good use of her prep time! Her organization is admirable! She is constantly constructing new ideas! She embraces any and all holidays and always has coordinating activities planned for the kids. She also makes sure to remember all her students birthdays and make them feel extra special that day!
She doesn’t waste a minute of the kids time in her room. The moment they walk in her door they know what is expected of them and you can tell the amount of respect they have for her with their manners and good behavior. They like to impress her because they know she believes in what they can do.
Robin handles and issue that comes her way without hesitation. When given notice of a new student, she is quick to request their goals, study their IEP and make sure she is prepared.
Three words: Ambitious, Determined, and Caring






Alexis Abel, Inca

Ms. Abel is an outstanding teacher because she goes above the district curriculum to make sure that her students are learning while meeting the standards and needs of each student. She provides a hands on learning environment that gives the students a safe and fun culture to learn in. She has take on both volleyball and soccer teams this year. She is developed a positive relationship between her and the junior high students.
Ms. Abel comes to work everyday with a smile on her face. She spends a lot of time planning her lessons and making sure that her classroom is ready to go for the day! She has been an outstanding part of the Inca family from the first day that she came onto campus.
She inspires all of us to do those hands on and engaging lessons with our students. She creates a positive relationship with her students from the moment she meets them at the door. She inspires her students by making Kindergarten fun for them and they want to learn more everyday.
She has really good scores and her students show growth in all academic areas. She has taken on both the volleyball and soccer teams when they needed a coach. Ms. Abel is an important part of the Inca family and has taken on a lot during her first year as a teacher. She participates in the professional development meetings and is always looking for ways to improve herself on a professional level as well as in the classroom. She lets her students score drive her instruction and meets the needs of all her students.
Three word: Fun, Engaging, and Creative


April Young. Jasinski

“Extremely Patient with all the students and given that she gets bombarded at times with the “”need to talk”” she ends every day with a smile.
Kind words for everyone. She has adapted quickly, efficiently and effectively to the Jasinski Community.
Frustration is not part of her vocabulary; no matter how many times she sees a student for potentially the same thing… she has time for them; time to listen to them.”
“Above and beyond and back more times than I can count and probably more than I know about.
As counselor she is one person for the mass and so seeing students that need to be seen is amazing how she gets through the load each day.
In addition to meeting with individual students she has come to talk to classes to address areas of concern (bullying, self-esteem).
She is there to help the staff as needed in addition to the students; always asking if there is something that she can help you with or checking to to see how you are doing.”
“Has a kind word for all. Finds the positive in every situation and person.
Looks outside the box for solutions. Has time … puts others first.
Kind, A good listener (something all the kids I have say about her)”
Three words: Inspirational, Generous of Spirit, a Ray of sunshine on a cloudy day — (yes I do realize that is more than 3 words)







Ashley Swain, Marionneaux

“Mrs. Swain is an amazing teacher, mother, coach, club sponsor, therapist, project coordinator, team lead, and mentor. She completes all of these tasks with a smile and positive attitude everyday. This last month Mrs. Swain has taken on the responsibility of organizing and coordinating the 8th grade trip; even though she is not an 8th grade teacher. She has organized the fall middle school dance almost single handed with huge success.
Mrs. Swain is the epitome of what a teacher should strive to be: caring, hardworking, understanding, and firm.”
As a teacher, Mrs. Swain is an amazing teacher that allows for students to grow and learn with a loving touch. She has amazing repore with the students so that they want to be better as students and people to make her proud of them. I know that she has seen a problem with students and their homework, so she lets them stay and get help with her. She takes her personal time to make sure that all of their students are achieving and exceeding in their studies.
Mrs. Swain is the epitome of inspiration to others. She has the positive repore with students that might be considered difficult and gives them a sense of purpose and respect. I have seen numerous students that are difficult come up to her and give her fist bumps or tells her what’s going on with their lives. I know that she has bought a certain student longer shirts to put under their shirts so that they do not get dress-coded because that is all they have. She sincerely cares for all students.
I can personally say that when her class comes to my art class, they are respectful to me and my supplies. They care about what Mrs. Swain will say when they leave Art. She increases the responsibility of the students.
Three words: Amazing, Caring, and Understanding








Joni Cesario, Preschool

I have no reservation in nominating Joni Cesario for Employee of the Month. She made a major shift in positions this year at BESD. While the transition could have been difficult, Joni adapted seamlessly. Not only did Joni transition well, she quickly became a valuable addition to the Preschool family. Joni always displays a positive and helpful character. She always makes herself useful and is a true team player.
Joni is very effective with her position, additionally, she is very organized, productive and a great communicator. She willingly takes on tasks, produces a product and than looks for more to do.
Joni is first to jump on board when something is needed. For instance, the preschool needed a letter for parents that explained a teacher change. I was going to write one and she said that she already had one that she would share. I had it instantly. Joni also took the lead on PBIS tier 1 and continues to be an active participant for PBIS tier 3. She attends all the preschool meetings and just recently she willingly accepted the proposal that she help mentor another school in there Special Ed department. Joni flawlessly manages a full work load though she is a part time employee.
Special Education is her forte, but Joni contributes in all areas. I am so fortunate as she provides me tremendous support and I can always count on her. She has been an expert in shoring up any loose ends with Preschool Special Education. She was also instrumental when we needed to implement a medical emergency plan based on a parents concern. She is well deserving of the employee of the month award.
Three words: Positive, Supportive, and Effective



Sandra Rendleman, Sundance

Sandra is a paraprofessional that supports our blind music teacher. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to help make the music program successful, from organizing the staging and coordination of music programs, band programs and practices to hand typing the music curriculum into the computer so he has access to the documents on his Braille reader.. Sandra works hard to support him and the music program.                                               Recently she secured marching band drums sets from a school in the East Valley. She coordinated the purchase and pick up of these brand new drums so they can be used with marching band. One part was missing on one set of drums so she worked with Humberto to get a bar drilled and fixed so it could be used. She was the one who drove to Mesa to pick them up and even offered to loan the second set to Amber Shupe so another student in the district could have one when marching in the parade.
She is an advocate for kids and has high standards for them when they come to music. She helps them understand Mr. Woodruff is the teacher and even though he is blind he is capable and she has helped to instill in them we are all different and unique and we celebrate those differences not as disabilities but as different abilities. Sandra is also a very willing pair of hands at school and will just jump in and help where ever she is needed! We often have to “slow her down” as she will try to take on too much! It is a good problem to have!
Sandra is our paraprofessional that enters our SWISS and Synergy data each week and she has devised systems to track the minor slips and make sure they are filled out correctly and tracked so we can stay on top of behavior in certain areas. She enters data weekly so our data is current. This has been a huge part of helping PBIS be successful in our school. We make decisions based on the data we see each month. The expansion of the recorder program in music is also a direct result of her organization in getting recorders into the hands of our students when they purchase their own. Students can then bring them to school for music and for those who don’t have their own she has them use the school recorders and disinfects them each and every day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Three words: Dedicated, Dynamic, and Hard Working


Jeffrey Ridenour, WestPark

Jeff stands out as a teacher because of his long-standing commitment to West Park. He has over ten years at the school in which he has dedicated himself day in, day out. Mr. Ridenour is also actively involved as an athletic director who maintains a competitive yet hard working spirit among WestPark athletes. Lastly, Mr. Ridenour is an inspiring role model for all students. He is a passionate, professional who works hard for his students.
Mr. Ridenour has proven to be a highly- effective teacher. He has many times, over the years, demonstrated effectiveness through student growth. Secondly, he is the teacher who can handle challenges presented by various learners. Because of his attention and dedication towards individual students, Mr. Ridenour is usually the “go-to” teacher who WestPark can rely on for addressing student needs and building relationships. Lastly, Mr. Ridenour serves as a mentor for students who need positive behavior interventions. His ability to build relationships with students is key to promoting positive support for students who need it the most.
Jeff inspires others by serving as a professional, positive role model for all. His confidence and his commitment highlight character that we all strive to have. In the many years he has worked at WestPark, he has continuously gone to work on time (every single day). His attendance record is something to be very proud of! He truly demonstrates the passion our district seeks in our educators, always striving to learn and refine his skills to ensure student success.
Mr. Ridenour is fully committed to ensure the athletic program at WestPark runs smoothly and successfully each year. As athletic director and a coach, he advocates for opportunities for our athletes in the district and pushes athletes to learn and develop skills for future success.
Jeff utilizes student data to ensure student growth. He skillfully implements differentiated, small group instruction to ensure all students are reaching personal goals.
Lastly, Mr. Ridenour supports positive behavior interventions not only as a CICO mentor but is always willing and available to support other students who need and are seeking positive, emotional interactions.
Three words: Loyal, Inspiring, and Positive