Health Services

Your school’s health office staff strive to help keep students healthy and in school. School health office staff is available to help with your child’s medical needs. Please notify the health office if your child has a health problem. School staff makes every effort to comply with physicians’ recommendations.

The Health Office provides the following:

  • Annual vision and hearing screenings for all students.
  • First aid to injured and/or sick students.
  • Administer medication.
  • Administer necessary medical procedures as coordinated with parents and healthcare providers to maintain student health and participation in school curriculum and activities.
  • Communicate with parents regarding health issues of their children.
  • Training and support to teachers, staff, and students regarding health related issues.

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Illness and Emergency Guidelines

K-12 Immunization Guide

Buckeye Elementary School District #33

School Health Office Clerks

The Buckeye Elementary School District health offices are maintained by Office Clerks in association with the District Nurse. We are available to assist students with illness and injury related problems. In addition to these primary services, we conduct health screenings, assist students and families with referrals for health related services, do follow-up, and act as a health education resource person for students, their families and our staff.

Contact Information

District Nurse – Cindy Wilt
(623) 386-4487  ext. 3331
Buckeye Elementary 
(623) 386-4487  ext. 3330
Bales Elementary 
(623) 847-8503  ext. 3605
Inca Elementary
(623) 925-3500  ext. 3505
Marionneaux Elementary
(623) 866-6100  ext. 6105
Steven R. Jasinski Elementary
(623) 925-3100  ext. 3101
Sundance Elementary 
(623) 847-8531  ext. 3730
WestPark Elementary 
(623) 435-3282  ext. 3239