December Winners

Megan Brown, Administrator of the Month; Megan deserves employee of the month for so many reasons. She is the epitome of what is means to be a team – player, member, and leader. Her bright and friendly demeanor makes BES a beautiful place to work and for our students to learn. Megan is more than the Principals sidekick, she is a partner that makes a difference everyday at BES. Her and Dina make such a great team always providing us with great options for handling situations. She provides such valuable insight into the education process, while allowing us to be independent at the same time. As leader she provides us with the resources and mentorship needed to make our jobs easier and effective. As a educator she always has the students best interest at heart. As a person she makes life beautiful and shares that with all within her presence. She has made our school a better place to work and learn. Her positive, friendly, and outgoing personality has increased student and staff morale. She makes sure our school and our accomplishments are seen throughout the District and via social media. Three words: Leader, Mentor, and Cheerful



Joe Cross, District Office Employee of the Month; Joe always comes to the rescue with a smile on his face and a gentle and kind attitude whenever our AC or ice-makers are on the fritz. He is always professional and has a kind word or story to share while he ensures that whatever needs fixing gets fixed. If he has to get a part, he informs us of his plan and timeline and promises to take care of it any way he can. I can always count on Joe to get here as fast as he can and I know the job will get done. He is the ‘go to’ guy. He works tirelessly and is often already working on campus before I arrive (6:30am). Then I also see him working until late as well. Joe is always kind and always positive. He helps kids out by being a positive male role model. He is fun and often offers a joke or a little anecdotal story. He has even helped them out financially. Joe keeps everything related to cooling systems working efficiently. This year my AC went down right after I came to work. I emailed him, but he was driving a bus. He apologized profusely for not getting here sooner. And even though it was extremely hot (100’s) he was up on the roof trying to get my classroom cooled down. It ended up needing a part, but he was able to ‘rig’ it to work. We all were very thankful for his hard work. Three words: Kind, Dedicated, and Professional


Kelly Martone, Bales Employee of the Month; She has the best connection with kids of anyone in the building. She has always helped me out whenever I have asked. She is extremely loyal to our school, staff and students. She has stepped in when a substitute has been needed, she has helped with preparing our students for test taking skills, she teaches them powerpoint, typing and how to correctly access the various ways of giving an answer for our testing formats. She sincerely cares for every student on this campus. Our students know they can go to her with any issues, they trust and adore her. She is one of the most generous people I have ever known. She has gone out of her way to make sure a student is taken care of not only with learning or educational needs, but emotional support as well. Kelly supports all specials, not just technology. She is a true team player and supports her departmental peers and the rest of us too! She will volunteer to support school wide events as a parent, teacher, and previously a PTA officer. Three words: Loyal, Caring, and Generous.



Melinda Read, BES Employee of the Month; Ms. Read is helpful to students and her peers. She gives 110 percent to the special needs department. She is always willing to lend an ear when needed. Ms. Read does not hesitate to help other special needs teachers. She does para training when needed. She plans field trips and other special activities for the Connections and Life Skills classes. Ms. Read plans lessons and activities to meet the individual student’s needs. She is a valuable team member in that she brainstorms new activities for the students. She is a positive role model for her peers. Ms. Read does the classroom schedules for the Life Skills program which is a HUGE responsibility. She also makes the individual schedules for each student which is a time consuming task. She writes, produces, and oversees the annual Lifeskills play. Another example of her helpfulness is she and her class are helping fill and make deliveries at the Falcon Nest store. Three words: Reliable, Organized, and Hard-working


Linda L’Amoreaux, Inca Employee of the Month; Linda truly cares about all kids but has a special knack for special education students. She works very hard to ensure that all of her students get exactly what they need to be successful. Over the last semester Linda has not only managed her own caseload but also took on the caseload of a colleague who was out on maternity leave. This was quite a lot of extra work and she did it with grace. Linda is a very special, caring teacher. She is gentle and kind and her students genuinely love her. She makes sure that they are successful in their classroom and her special education classroom. She also was instrumental in getting goody bags for all of the Connections students for Christmas. Linda is an all around great person but her dedication to her school and her team is especially noteworthy. She cares for all special education students throughout the district, as well. Taking on a colleagues caseload for three months while the colleague was out on maternity leave was an incredible help to the special education department and her school. Three words: Dedicated, Caring, and Kind

Carrie McFadden, Jasinski Employee of the Month; Her classroom management is on point. She has a few behavioral students in class yet she always maintains her composure. She keeps her class fun and educational. Due to the behavioral students, she maintains her composure. She is genuinely interested when her students are excited about something. She keeps the class fun and educational. Expects her students to maintain their own high standards and sense of purpose. Sets an example of how class should be managed with behavioral students. Keeps 1st grade where they are growing into good listeners and learners. Sets a good example that 1st grade is where they need to be. Maintains classroom management despite behavioral disruptions. Three words: Professional, Understanding, and Leader.


Amanda Huggins, Marionneaux Employee of the Month; Amanda is always smiling and she does such fun things with her students! She is a phenomenal teacher as well as an amazing human being! She supports everyone and is a friend I am so grateful to have! Amanda goes out of her way to help everyone at the school. She goes above and beyond in every way! She provides healthy snacks for staff members, she shares ideas about methods to teach curriculum, she jumps right in to help anyone whether on the job or at home! (She helped me move) She is the best example of someone that goes above and beyond that I can think of. Colorful, happy, positive projects posted from her class. A smiling face and a great side hug for any student in need. She makes learning fun and she inspires all the children she comes in contact with. She is constantly supporting her team with ideas, supplies, making copies, and behavior supports. Three words: Positive, Beautiful, and Fun


Denise Marshall, Preschool Employee of the Month; Denise goes above and beyond her duties daily, she will step in wherever needed, whenever asked. Denise loves each and every child that walks through our doors and greets each parent every day with a smile. Denise is an exemplary employee, she is at work everyday on time, she will stay and assist after her hours are completed, she helps new employees by being a model peer communicating and showing them the ins and outs of the job. Denise has an amazing heart for the kids and staff in our preschool!! Denise maintains high standards in our program by showing up everyday and being present in her position. Denise shows our students that they can be the best at everything they set their minds to. Denise displays everyday what it means to be passionate about student success just by being present in the children’s day to day activities. Denise will listen with great intent at the stories our students share with her and they are excited each morning to come in and share what happened in the evening with her. Denise will join children at any activity when they ask her to play with them and engage with them and celebrate their successes! Denise keeps our classroom as free as she can from germs by maintaining an impeccable cleaning schedule for toys, cots, sheets and everything the children touch and use daily. By maintaining this schedule we have seen a reduced number of sick days our children and staff are having. This has really helped increase student learning and engagement because our kids are healthy and we strive to keep them that way! Three words: Dedicated, Consistent, and Caring


Amy Soucinek, Sundance Employee of the Month; She goes ABOVE and BEYOND at EVERY turn. Willing to step up and help any employee with a project or just a simple question. Cares so much about our students. Fills out grants and donors choose to get the best she can for all of our students. Always finding new ways to get Middle School Students engaged in and out of the classroom. She is an employee that is second to none. A true asset, leader and example to students and co-workers alike. Amy is always above and beyond it is how she approaches every task, project, idea or classwork. She is in charge of our Future Cities Program and works so hard for our student’s success. Recently received a grant that will save our school a huge amount of money in 3d printer operation that opened the use of the printers up to almost anyone that has a need to use them. She is an inspiration to all that work around her. From encouraging a new project someone is afraid to take on to coming up with ideas to help a struggling student learn how to read. Most of the students she helps is through the other staff that Amy was able to help come up with a new way. Amy is constantly combing the internet for ways to bring anything that applies to our school. She has helped the sports students obtain new equipment through grants so they did not have to fund raise. She is a team player within her grade levels and is always willing to help her fellow teachers. Three word: Enthusiastic, Driven, and Fun



Victoria Flores, WestPark Employee of the Month; Victoria Flores exemplifies an employee passionate about student success in her devotion and care for her students and for WestPark as a whole. She always has a smile and a kind word for anyone that walks by in hopes of brightening someone’s day. She not only has amazing love, patience, and understanding for her students, but she actively volunteers for school-wide events, using her own time to help others. Victoria goes above and beyond to assist when needed and always displays a professional and pleasant disposition. Her dedication to her students and WestPark is evident through her daily actions. She takes great care to see that her students have the help that they need. Victoria is a positive individual whose presence uplifts those around her. In addition, she has volunteered time and time again to help teachers and others around her with school dances, assemblies, and other school initiatives. Three words: Caring, Devoted, and Positive