BESD Long Range Strategic Plan

2017-2020 Buckeye Elementary School District Strategic Plan

At the June 1, 2017 General Board meeting, the BESD School District General Board approved the Buckeye Elementary School District Long Range Strategic Plan. The Plan has three goals:

Goal 1 – Expand Continued Focus on Student Achievement
• Objective 1.a. Create a long range strategic plan for the district bringing alignment, cohesiveness and ongoing support to teaching and learning.
• Objective 1.b. Establish strategies that create a sense of sound organizational purpose and direction and present them in order of criticality for initiating system-wide improvements.

Goal 2 – Build on Our Culture of Open and Positive Communication
• Objective 2.a. Develop a communications and marketing plan to engage families, community, and business partners and enlist them as strategic partners in educational decision making.

Goal 3 – Continue Adherence to Principles of Fiscal Responsibility
• Objective 3.a. Review all aspects of the organization to ensure efficient use of resources and facilities to prepare us for the economic uncertainty of the future.

Overview of Process

The BESD School District underwent an external curriculum audit analysis from October, 2016 through June, 2017. The intent was to identify district strengths, and areas for improvement regarding processes, and outcomes. The district contracted with an outside consultant, Curriculum Management and Solutions Incorporated to conduct the analysis and utilizing the results. The District is developing a multi-year Comprehensive Strategic Plan covering the periods from 2017-2020. The Curriculum Audit included data that was collected and analyzed from the following and will be utilized to inform the strategic planning process:
• school district documents
• Arizona State student performance results
• objective independent observations
• classroom walk-through observations
• small group interviews and focus groups
• community forums
• on-line surveys (instructional staff, students, parents, and community members)
• leadership and Governing
• board workshops
• review of Rubicon Atlas mapping software

Throughout the review, strengths of the district were described by all participants. 87% of parents indicated on a recent survey they considered their child’s school to be an excellent school. Community, parents, and staff all shared that people care and there is a passion for serving. Community and district staff appreciate the benefits of living and working in a smaller community that is experiencing growth and believe that Buckeye remains a tight and close community. The Buckeye “brand” continues to be focused on creating communities passionate about student success.

What is a Strategic Plan?

Strategic planning is an essential process to effectively carry out Buckeye Elementary School District’s mission. An effective strategic planning process provides a framework to make decisions on how to allocate organizational resources, address challenges and take advantage of opportunities that arise along the way.

Successful strategic planning involves all stakeholders who have a vested interest in the betterment of the district. The deeper and broader the input, the greater the impact of the strategic plan.


To review the BESD School District General Board approved 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, click on the link below.

BESD Strategic Plan – in PDF