August Winners



August 2018 Employee of the Month Winners


Dina Cegelka: Administrator

She goes above and beyond everyday for our students and staff.  She spends a lot of her
weekends making sure that things are set up and ready to go for the next week.

Dina does an amazing job.  She has sought out sources to help with our PBIS Tier 1 interventions.  She found PBIS Rewards that is a computer based
program. She spent countless hours setting up the online student store, inputting students into the program, and making badges for EVERY student.

Dina goes above and beyond for her students on a daily basis.  She truly wants what is best for the students. She will
inconvenienceherself (not getting a lunch) daily to do what is best for the students and making sure that they are successful

She has brought the PBIS Rewards program to our campus to help boost our Tier 1 supports.  It has made the “Falcon Feather” process so
much for effective for the students and much easier to implement for the teachers.  So far the teacher and students are absolutely loving it.
We are confident that this is going to be a positive thing for our campus.

Dedicated, Consistent, Compassionate


Dave Coryell: Bales

Dave has demonstrated great love and care for the students and in creating more opportunities for them to be
involved ingrowing in the musical talents. He also communicates very well and respectfully with his team.

Dave shows up for the students and is prepared with meaningful lessons that engage our students!

He models the way for respect and care.

Dave has started Band  at the 5th grade level during school and is actively seeking ways
to provide our students with
band and trash can band after school and before school as well.

Intelligent, Caring, and Hard-Working


Alex Barecenas: Buckeye

I matter, regardless of what technological question I ask him, he will always find the answer.

If I’m not on his campus and I have a tech issue, he will call someone on the campus I’m on.

He is always happy to be at work. No matter what is asked of him or how frustrated someone might be, he is always happy to fix the problem.

He makes sure all tech requests are handled in a timely manner, even if he can’t be the one to fix them.

Passionate, Friendly, Efficient


Debbie Dunning: District Office

Debbie is Buckeye!  She is passionate about the Community and Students.  Debbie has been with the District for 25+ years and has a great rapport
with staff, parents, and the community in general.  Debbie will never tell you no if you ask for help, she will go out of her way to accommodate you
while doing her own job at the same time.  Debbie has been a key person for the SPED Department through the years as she knows all things.

Debbie has over 800 SPED students currently while handling all the records for the students exiting our district and enrolling our district.
Audits are always very clean with no issues due to Debbie’s outstanding organization and process. Debbie works early mornings, late nights,
and weekends to get things in order for the SPED department.  She never complains and continues with a smile on her face.

A number of times I hear people telling Debbie how they couldn’t do their job without her.  Many people come to Debbie when they
need a lift in spirits due to personal things or job related issues.  Debbie isn’t just a coworker to many people, she is a friend
that cares and will listen without judgment. Debbie inspires coworkers to do their best and keep a positive attitude.

Debbie has created a process for the records that runs smoothly.  She can tell you were everything is and
what is due next on an IEP.  Debbie has kept all records up to date and ready in a moments notice if needed.  

Encouraging, Strong, “Buckeye”


Derek Stephens: Inca

Derek has a friendly, outgoing personality that shines everyday. He is open to learning new strategies and techniques with his teaching
profession and is excited to implement ideas. He is positive and his compassion for the students and staff is evident in all that he does.
Derek wants to be involved in a variety of aspects of Inca and is willing to share his expertise and ideas with anyone.

Derek is a brand new teacher that seems like he has been teaching for years. He builds relationships with students and staff to help create
the family feel at Inca. He is always offering a helping hand to help support with student CICO, covering classrooms or mentoring students.

Derek always has a positive attitude. He models for the staff and students through his actions, words and body language that he truly cares about the students and wants to create the best PE experience for them. He spends the time to get to know the students and staff and offers support any way that he can.

Derek helps create the positive, supportive environment we are building at Inca. He works with students to ensure they all have a role in
their PE class. He builds the students confidence and builds trust with the students so they feel comfortable taking risks in class.

Compassionate, Trustworthy, Genuine


Joanne Loudermilk: Jasinski

Joanne comes in early every day and makes sure all our community boards are up to date. She works very hard
with the
honor society and creates an environment for students to make contributions that help our community.

Joanne is present and always working to make sure her students are successful.
The students appreciate her and I think they see her as someone that has their best interests at heart.

Students feel appreciated for their talents and are willing to go out of their way for others.
Junior high is difficult in transitions of student maturity.  

Joanne is great at guidance to  young people and future success.

Enlightened, Courageous, Loving



Jennifer Northup, Marionneaux

She is involved with school committees such as PBIS, Team Leadership, AVID, and is always willing to do much more.  She exemplifies
our PBIS expectations as a colleague, teacher, and individual. She is the most respectful and kind person I know. She is also a reflective
learner. She seeks growth in her profession and is always eager to implement new strategies for the best interests of her students.

Mrs. Northup is a highly effective teacher. She considers all students’ needs when planning instruction. She seeks different resources and
strategies to ensure that all students can learn. She integrates real world applications so that her lessons are meaningful and relatable.

Mrs. Northup inspires her colleagues because she models the kind, respectful, responsible individual we expect all our students and
staff to be. She models compassion towards her students allowing her to build relationships based on trust and motivation, and
she eloquently maintains high standards of learning from all her students by providing rigorous and relevant instruction.

She serves on various committees and is always willing to work beyond working hours to ensure our school goals are addressed. She plans
instruction with consideration of her student needs and collaborates with her team so that all students across the grade level are considered.
She has conducted professional developments in the past and has also shared some ideas with the admin team to include in our learning.

Compassionate, Dedicated, Talented



Monika Shook, Preschool

Monica is one of the most PASSIONATE teachers I have met. She is focused on all children
and has their best interest in her heart. She is also very kind to everyone she works with.

DAILY Monika goes so far above her job to ensure that all kids thrive. She does not only working with her students but often times checks in on
the teacher next door and their students. Monika is a model teacher and scaffolds daily to make sure every student is getting what they need.
Monika is unique as she is a teacher for  the preschool but is in a different location. I feel very lucky to have such a competent person at our
Jasinski site as I am not always able to be there and I know things will run smoothly with Monika taking the lead.

“High standards completely summarizes Monika’s actions. She never falls into the pockets of gossip that can so easily happen on a campus and she truly
finds the good in all people. Monika has a very kind and positive approach to addressing negative behaviors and has high expectations for everyone
she works with. For instance, when she is correcting a behavior she generally starts with calling the student “friend” and reminds them that the
behavior is not appropriate and most importantly she tells them WHY it is not appropriate.
More often, you catch Monika giving positive
praises to her students who thrive 
to please her. She epitomizes a model employee.”

“Monika often applies for grants so that she can further provide for her students or school. It has been her dream that the preschool have a library. Even though her class physically is not located at the preschool she feels passionate that her grant money benefits the preschool campus by providing a library for students who do not have access to one. Monika has been successful in providing a book each month for every student by asking for community sponsors to to donate. Monica will help me, teachers, para’s and students in any capacity that is needed. “

Selfless, Model-Employee, Passionate!



Melissa Lopez, Sundance

She has incredible patience with the very challenging student that she is assigned to work with all day. This students was new
to not only the school, but to Arizona in general, and she has helped him to feel comfortable and at home in the classroom.
She encourages him to participate in a way that is meaningful to him, and to the other students in the classroom as well.

She goes above and beyond every single day. She noticed another student in the class that was in need of extra support,
and now works with that student in addition to the one that she is assigned to. She genuinely cares about all of
the students in the classroom, and this is very clear in her interactions with them.

She inspires me to think outside the box when thinking of ways to inspire my students to excel in what they are doing. She doesn’t
just come to work every day because it pays the bills, she comes with a smile and energy that is contagious. Throughout the day
when the student she works with is being more challenging, she stays patient and calm, and is able to calm him down.
Sometimes, it seems like what she does is pure magic.

As a first-year teacher, she has helped me in more ways than are in her job description. She has supported not only her assigned student,
but the rest of the students in the class, and me as well. She jumps in to help whenever needed, whether that’s putting the breakfast
trash into the hall because it slipped my mind, or encouraging other students when they are discouraged with the topic that they are
working on. She even helped me learn how to turn on my projector on the first day of school, when I hadn’t seen it done before.
I honestly do not know how I would survive without her in my class.

Flexible, Creative, Resourceful


Margarita Flores, WestPark

Margarita always listens to all who stop at her desk, be it a toddler visiting with their parent, the smallest of our Kinders to the
tallest of our 8th graders, to parents and grandparents.  She always has a smile, possibly a treat and a great wealth of information.

Margarita is a one stop wealth of information, she will let you know who to contact and how, if she can get something for you or not,
and very often is one step ahead of you without your realizing it.  She can anticipate needs coming up and is often working on it or has
it done by the time you remember to ask about it. She keeps our campus running like a fine tuned piano and the “music” that all
staff and students make is a compliment to her, hardly ever off key!

Margarita always has a smile on her face, usually has an answer or will find the answer for you.  And her greatest inspiration is her depth
of caring for each person on our campus. She can talk to a student in need and give them reassurance or “momma” advice.  She shows
everyone students and co-workers alike that she stays until the work is done. She is a dedicated worker, making sure that everyone
has what they need to get their job done, and she often does this quietly and quite stealthily.

She anticipates needs, stays at work until things are done and is a welcoming face to all.

Wealth of Information, Nurturing,  Dedicated