Athletic Programs

BESD Athletics Sports Programs provide all students, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, opportunities to develop physically, mentally and emotionally in controlled, safe activities outside of the traditional classroom. Our sports programs enlighten students with a sense of belonging, self-worth, direction and confidence. Studies have shown that student participation in athletics has positive effects on school performance and adolescent development, fostering success later in life while promoting physical development and fitness.

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1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


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School Athletic Directors Contact Information

District Athletic Director
Craig Stengel

Bales Elementary School
Gale Taylor

Buckeye Elementary School
Karen Peyer

Inca Elementary School
Nancy Wohlhuter

Jasinski Elementary School
Aimee Singleterry

Marionneaux Elementary School
Travis Kent

Sundance Elementary School
Heather Orozco

WestPark Elementary School
Jeff Ridenour