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A Community Passionate About Student Success

Welcome!  Growth continues to be a part of the Buckeye Elementary School District. This year, we have grown to over 5,500 students, as well as over 650 outstanding employees. Our team is excited to have the privilege of working with your children. In preparation of the 2021-2022 school year, BESD teams worked to improve and expand curriculum resources and instructional strategies. In addition, District educators participated in training and workshops to continue their own learning as part of our ongoing commitment to provide your children with the best educational experience possible.

About BESD

The Buckeye Elementary School District serves over 5,500 learners in beautiful and historic Buckeye, Arizona.
Our district consists of seven K-8 schools and two vibrant preschools: 

Bales Elementary School    BESD Preschool    Buckeye Elementary School    Inca Elementary School
Steven R. Jasinski Elementary School    Marionneaux Elementary School    Sundance Elementary School    WestPark Elementary School
Opening Fall of 2021 John S. McCain III Elementary School

BESD is focused on helping students develop future-ready skills, including critical thinking, design, collaboration, and problem solving.  As many of the jobs of tomorrow do not yet exist today, BESD believes all students should be provided the opportunities that best prepare them to adapt, grow, and adjust to a dynamic and changing world.  In Buckeye, we truly are a community passionate about success!


This statement is to confirm that all schools in the Buckeye Elementary School District are qualified as Title One schools. 


Dr. Kristi Wilson
Phone: (623) 925-3403
Dr. Drew Davis
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (623) 925-3404
Dr. Mike Lee
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (623) 925-3404

CJ Beckstrom

Chief Financial Officer
Phone:(623) 925-3456
Dr. Chad Lanese
Chief Academic Officer
Phone: (623) 925-3404
Dr. Araceli Montoya
Executive Director of Human Resources
Phone: (623) 925-3401