Welcome to Buckeye Elementary School District Information Technology Department.

Buckeye Elementary School District is committed to providing equitable access to the use of technology; ensuring that all students and staff will be technologically literate by providing an essential set of tools in order to compete in the 21st century.



How do I add a printer?

Printer Setup

I need to retrieve a quarantined email that is legit?

Log into this site using your BESD network username and password and follow instructions on how to release quarantined emails.

A valid website is being blocked by Lightspeed. What do I do?

Please email submit SchoolDude work order request.

How do I get replacement bulbs for my projector?

Please submit a SchoolDude work order.

How do I hookup my computer to my document reader?

Follow directions on this PDF: besdcam

Where should I save all my important documents?

You should always save your important documents to your H: drive. Documents in this drive are backed up every night.
The H: drive is located in My Computer and will have your username followed by a $ sign.

My computer is slow and freezing a lot. What should I do?

A simple restart should help with many odd computer behaviors.

My name has changed. What do I do?

Please email April Rhodes (Certified) or Elsa Garcia (Classified) in HR. They will update paperwork and send a change name request to the IT department.

Can I bring my personal printer or desktop computer?

BESD does not allow personal printers or computers on its network at this time.

How do I create a distribution list in Outlook 2010?

Please click on this link.


Phone FAQs:

Where do I send phone questions?

Please send all phone questions to our work order system in the Support section.

How do I access my voicemail?

Press Messages key – Enter your password (default 147369#) – Hit #1 button

How do I setup my phone greeting?

Press Messages button – Enter password (defualt 147369#) – Hit #4 button

My computer phone is not working?

Reboot your computer and allow phone to reconnect to the phone system if problems continues please send work order using Schooldude.

BESD Staff Intranet

Need access to your network drives from home? Use your network credentials to log into BESDNET.


Technology Documents and Forms

SchoolDude User Guide

Technology Plan

User Acceptance Policy


Phone Quick Guides

7911 Cisco Phone

7941 Cisco Phone

7945 Cisco Phone