Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities

Buckeye Elementary School District (BESD) provides an educational program for preschool children with disabilities who reside in the school district and who are not already receiving services that have been provided through the department of education. BESD educational programs are available for only those preschool children who meet the definition of one of the following conditions:
1. Hearing Impairment.
2. Visual Impairment.
3. Developmental Delay
4. Preschool Severe Delay.
5. Speech-Language Impairment.

BESD cooperates with community organizations that provide services to preschool children with disabilities in the provision of the district’s preschool program for children with disabilities.

A preschool child may not be admitted to the preschool program for children with disabilities unless the child is evaluated and recommended for placement as provided in sections 15-766 and 15-767.

A “preschool child” means a child who is at least three years of age but who has not reached the age required for kindergarten (five years of age prior to September first of upcoming school year). A preschool child is three years of age as of the date of the child’s third birthday. The school district may admit otherwise eligible children who are within ninety days of their third birthday, if it is determined to be in the best interest of the individual child. Children who are admitted to programs for preschool children prior to their third birthday are entitled to the same provision of services as if they were three years of age.